Help finding out how much confederate money is worth?

Question by Francis: Help finding out how much confederate money is worth?
My dad has some old paper money and we’ve been breaking our heads trying to figure out how much they are worth. I’ve looked online but I can’t get a real answer on how much they are worth. We have:

confederate 50 dollar 1864
confederate 5 dollar 1862
confederate 2 dollar 1864
one US dollar 1862
one US dollar 1937

We also have framed coins. They have a picture, title, and the coins are set around the picture. One of them is called “The American Indian” (pennies), another is called “The Way West” (dimes), another is “The Forty Niners” (nickels), and another is called “The Pony Express” (nickels). Some of the coins are silver, others are mercury, one or two of them are gold.

Plus we have French money and one Bolivian bill. Is there some website that we can check or something?

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Answer by warren v
I have no idea what they are worth, but I would love to have them for the historical value. My suggestion is to contact a reputable auction house. The other option is to pay an antique evaluator come in and price them and then advertise them for sell. I am not aware of any website (FOR FREE) that gives prices/worth of things like you have. You could try ebay and see what people are asking for like items to get an idea.

Good luck!

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  • Benjamin

    That varies a great deal depending on the grade, I suggest you take it to a professional to get it graded, this will cost a little bit of money, but it is probably worth it if you wish to sell the money.

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