where do i cash in my foreign money?

Question by Dillon: where do i cash in my foreign money?
I have a whole bag full of foreign coins and paper money from all over the world that are really old. Where do i take them to cash them in to get money. I live in florida if that helps?

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Answer by DON W
Banks are usually willing to exchange–for a charge–foreign bills from a given country. They won’t be interested, however, in a mix of bills from around the world. Nor will they be willing to exchange foreign coins.

Your best bet, if you truly don’t want to keep the bag (was it a gift from an older relative?), is to go to a coin dealer and see what he’s willing to give you for the bag. Don’t be surprised if it’s not much.

If you want to determine for yourself if you have anything really valuable, go to a larger public library and see if they have a guide to foreign coins and currency–many of them do. Then sit down and get an idea of what the money is worth. You also might be able to do it on the Internet, although I don’t know of any particular websites to recommend.

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